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Sip & Seal

Don't Drug My Drink!

College dorms, study sessions, parties, or just on the go campus life, Bevverage Gear premium beverage lids has your back...and your beverage!
Keep your beverage covered, keep it fresh for up to 48 hours!


Risk Reduction

Did you know that around 8% of college students of women and men surveyed have reported to being drugged with 80% of them being women? This prompted the Don't Drug My Drink Initiative with a focus on college campuses. 

Using Bevverage Gear's Shields can reduce the risk while enjoying responsibly. Our shields can be engraved with a variety of designs, are portable, easy to put on and remove. 

You can sip your beverage and seal it from unwanted additions. Sip it, seal it, stay safe. 

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